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[Highway Bus] Nagoya <=> Iga-Ueno

Timetable ※Partially Suspended 4/29~

Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center) => Sanko Ueno shako

Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center)[Platform No. 1 (3rd floor)] 8:55 10:15 12:25 14:25 16:25 18:10 19:25 21:25
Seki Bus center 10:04 11:24 13:29 15:29 17:29 19:14 20:24 22:24
Midai-Interchange Mori Seiki-mae 10:25 11:45 13:50 15:50 17:50 19:35 20:45 22:45
Kuwamachi 10:40 12:00 14:05 16:05 18:05 19:50 21:00 23:00
Ginza 4-chome 10:42 12:02 14:07 16:07 18:07 19:52 21:02 23:02
Uenoshi Sta. 10:45 12:05 14:10 16:10 18:10 19:55 21:05 23:05
Sanko Ueno shako 10:49 12:09 14:14 16:14 18:14 19:59 21:09 23:09

Sanko Ueno shako => Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center)

Sanko Ueno shako 6:00 7:17 8:47 10:17 12:17 14:17 15:57 18:17
Uenoshi Sta. [Platform No. 1] 6:07 7:27 8:57 10:27 12:27 14:27 16:07 18:27
Ginza 4-chome 6:08 7:28 8:58 10:28 12:28 14:28 16:08 18:28
Kuwamachi 6:10 7:30 9:00 10:30 12:30 14:30 16:10 18:30
Midai-Interchange Mori Seiki-mae 6:25 7:45 9:15 10:45 12:45 14:45 16:25 18:45
Seki Bus center 6:46 8:06 9:36 11:06 13:06 15:06 16:46 19:06
Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center) 7:47 9:12 10:42 12:12 14:12 16:12 17:57 20:12

* Taking the bus only between Kuwamachi and Sanko Ueno shako is not permitted.


Main sections One-way fare
Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center) -Uenoshi Sta. 2,000yen

*The fare above is the adult fare.
*The child fare is half the adult fare (rounded up to the nearest 10 yen).

Book of tickets

A book of tickets common to the Iga-Osaka Express Line and Nagoya-Ueno Express Line (Iga Ninja Liner Book of Tickets) will go on sale.

Name Section Ticket type
Express Line
Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center)

Midai-Interchange Mori Seiki-mae, Kuwamachi, Ginza 4-chome, Uenoshi Sta., or Sanko Ueno shako
Book of six tickets
10,000 yen
Express Line
Shin-Osaka Sta. North Exit, or Osaka Sta. (Higashi-Umeda Sta.)

Kokudo Ouchi, Kuwamachi, Ginza 4-chome, Uenoshi Sta., or Sanko Ueno shako
Book of six tickets
10,000 yen

* Where to buy: Ueno Travel Center, Nabari Station ticket office, Iga sales office, Meitetsu Bus Center, in highway Bus.
* Only the adult book of tickets is available for purchase.
* One ticket is good for two children.
* Sale of existing round-trip tickets and book of tickets will end on June 7, 2019.
* You can use a round-trip ticket/book of tickets purchased on or before June 7, 2019 by paying the difference.
  Refunds are available at the place where the relevant round-trip ticket/book of tickets was issued (without charge).


Iga Ninja Liner Ticket is a special discounted ticket consisting mainly of highway bus ticket for a round or one-way trip from/to Nagoya to/from Uenoshi Station and admission tickets to major tourist facilities in the Iga-Ueno area.

Release date Saturday, January 19, 2019
Validity For seven days from the day of issue including the day of issue
Items included 1. Mie Kotsu highway bus ticket for a round or one-way trip from/to Nagoya (Meitetsu Bus Center) to/from Uenoshi Station
2. Admission ticket for the Ninja Museum of Igaryu with shuriken-throwing experience offered
3. Admission ticket for the Danjiri Museum
4. Novelty items
* Note: Prior to visiting the museums, please go to the Iga-Ueno Tourist Information Center, located on the premises of the Danjiri Museum, to receive items 2, 3 and 4 in
Price Round-trip ticket: 4,600 yen (round trip between Nagoya and Uenoshi Station)
One-way ticket: 3,000 yen (one-way and one-time-only from/to Nagoya to/from Uenoshi Station)
* Note: There is no price set for children, people with disabilities, or other specific groups.
Where to buy 1. Mie Kotsu ticket counter, 3rd floor of the Meitetsu Bus Center
(Open 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week year-round)
2. Central Japan Travel Center, 2nd floor of Chubu Centrair International Airport
(Open 9:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m., 7 days a week year-round)
* Note: No tickets are sold on buses or any other places than those listed above. Please be sure to purchase your ticket at one of these designated ticket windows before boarding.
Points to note ・Seats on the highway buses are all non-reserved. If they are already taken on your preferred bus, please use the next available bus.
・Please note that the highway buses can sometimes be subject to significant delays depending on traffic or weather conditions, and that in such cases you will not be entitled to a refund of ticket costs, nor shall we accept responsibility for your alternative transfer/connections, accommodations, or other arrangements.
・No refund shall be granted for reasons such as a facility being closed. Customers are advised to check in advance the regular holidays, business hours, etc., for each facility.
Refunds Refunds can be processed at the ticket windows where you purchased your tickets only when it is within the validity period and all portions of the ticket remain unused (processing fee: 210 yen).

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